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Philantrepreneur Campus Center - A Place to call HOME

Our Mission

Building Capacity through Education and Professional Services


We believe that nonprofit are social enterprises with a specific recognized purpose. We also believe Social Entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth but have taken a different path to reach this mission. Both groups want to have impact in changing the human condition. However, they have critical needs of their own.

According to the 2014 Nonprofit Center for Charitable Statistics report which summarizes data from 2003 to 2013, Nevada has 8,350 total nonprofits, with 5,874 as public charities, a whopping 48.3 percent increase since 2003. The majority of nonprofits in southern Nevada are small organizations, often without the resources to adequately service their missions.

Another strong influx in the community development arena is social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs are working in close collaboration with local communities, incubating groundbreaking (and often lifesaving) innovations; modeling synergistic partnerships with governments, companies, and traditional charities; and building business models that deploy and enable wins for investors, clients, and community alike.

Both of these sectors, social entrepreneurs and nonprofits, strive to have a positive impact - yet over 50 percent fail or never reach their full potential. While they work to enrich and better the human condition let us support them and their “condition.” A report issued by UNLV’s Lincy Institute, Nevada ranks 50th in per capita ratio and noted was a significant difference between northern and southern Nevada and in relation to surrounding states in community giving and engagement. Nevada has one the lowest levels of social engagement and it is not because we don’t care. Most assume the failure it is due to lack of funds, but the reality is, they are hindered by ineffective or nonexistent management, operations, and systems which is usually due to a lack of knowledge and skill sets to implement best practices. Small Business Administration documents that entities that did not implement strategies such as developing a business plan had significant impact on their success. In fact those that create a business plan have a 90 percent success rate versus 40 percent for those that do not have a plan.

The Philantrepreneur™ Foundation aims to change their “condition” and provide access to the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to be successful. We aim to be the leader in bringing the latest trends and strategies needed in a continually changing economic and social environment—all which will impact growth and development of this or any community. To create a shared community environment where small, medium, and even large entities can benefit from creative collaboration, synergy, shared resources, and education programs that supports and serve their economic and business needs and is - a place they can call “Home.”